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How to lock USB Disk with Password on Windows

Nowadays people tend to carry important files and documents in a USB flash drive disk for its portability and easy control, while these features also put your data in a unsafe position when the disk is lost or stolen.

To protect USB security, the best choice for you is using cryptography which means locking USB disk with password.
Kakasoft USB security is designed for locking USB disk with password and helping you prevent any suspicious access to your sensitive data in the disk,even though you lose your USB disk. Download USB Security here and let me show you how to lock USB disk on Windows 7/Windows 8/XP step by step:
Free Download(1.5M)

Step 1: Plug in USB Disk to Computer and Install the Software

Please plug your USB disk or other types of portable USB drive devices into a computer, and then install USB Security according to the Wizard.

Step 2: Enter Password to Lock USB Drive   

After the installation, enter password in the blank box and confirm it.

Next, set a password hint for your password, so that you can retrieve your password via this hint.

Then click on “Protect” to finish your protection for files in the USB disk.USB DISK SECURITY

Notice: your password is better to contain both letters and numbers so that other guy cannot guess it out.

A password hint is necessary for people with lot of different passwords in case you may forget your password when you need to access files or documents in the disk.


  • Kakasoft USB Security is a powerful and reliable USB disk lock which helps you block all kinds of eavesdropping and plagiarism of your confidential data.
  • It can be applied in all kinds of portable USB storage disks, saying USB flash drive, pen drives, thumb drive, memory stick, HDD hard drives, SD card, TF card etc.
  • To lock USB disk with password, USB Security performance perfectly by adopting of the most advanced 256-bit AES encryption techniques.
Encrypt USB disk now and protect your data the earlier the better!