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How to lock Pen Drive on Windows?

With the rapid development of Information Age, all kinds of high-tech storage products come into people’s life. Pen drive is one of the outstanding USB drives widely used in workplace because of the tiny size and large capability in storing data which also makes it easily being lost or stolen. Password protecting pen drive is an effectively solution to this problem.

USB security is a type of outstanding USB data security software to prevent any unauthorized access to files in the USB drive and it’ll realize completely pen drive protection for you.
Click on the download button and let’s go into the detailed steps to encrypt pen drive with USB Security:
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Step 1: Install USB Security on Pen Drive

Make sure you’ve plugged your pen drive into a PC , then double click the exe file you’ve downloaded, select target drive ,and then “install” the program.

install usb locker

Step 2: Set Password to lock pen drive

To lock pen drive, you need to open your disk and then run the “USBSecurity.exe” in it, enter your password and confirm it.

Next, enter a password hint to help you remember the password, click on “Protect”.

set password for usb pen drive locker

How to access data in pen drive after you password lock the disk?

When you wish to access data in the locked pen drive after password protection, you can do as following:

Step 1 Open your Pen Drive

Plug your pen drive in a PC and then open the disk.

Step 2 Open Your Pen Drive

Open “USB Security.exe” in the disk, then enter your password and choose an open mode of the drive in the pop-up window.

Open in virtual drive: you can open your drive in virtual drive and then access your data, after you close the window protection will be recovered.

Unprotected this drive: unprotected the drive completely and when you close the window protection will not be recovered, if you want to lock pen drive again you can copy the exe file to your drive and set password to encrypt pen drive once more.

unlock pen drive

Kindly Tips:

  • USB Security can encrypt pen drive with password and protect all other types of portable storage drive disks.
  • In just 3 simple steps you can lock pen drive and access to protected data in the disk.
  • Choosing a password with the feature easy-to-remember but hard to guess, f you are worry about forgetting your password setting a password hint will help you a lot.
  • What’s more, please place your copy protected pen drive in safe place and keep your password as a secret.
Do not move the exe file away from the pen drive after you lock the drive, or you will not able to open your disk.