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How to Password Protect an External or Portable Hard Drive on Windows?

External hard drives such as USB flash drive, pen drive, memory card, thumb drive etc. can provide massive storage capacity. People use them to store and to transfer confidential data from one place to another.

Along with the benefits and advantages brought by USB drives, there's also a security risk that data theft can easily steal them for the small size. In order to prevent data leakage, password protecting external hard drive becomes a dispensable solution for data security. Encrypting hard drive can save you out of the concerns about data leakage and data loss even though you lose your external hard drive.

Follow the tutorial as below to learn how to encrypt an external hard drive with Kakasoft USB Security

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Step 1: Run the program and select a drive to encrypt

First of all, plug your external hard drive into computer and double click the icon of this program. Select a target drive disk in the drive list. Then click "Install" to finish installation.

usb security

Step 2: Set password to protect USB drive

Enter password and a" password hint" in the pop-up box. Click "Protect" to complete the external hard drive encryption.

set password


  • The security of sensitive data now is a prime concern for both individuals and groups following the high profile incidences of privacy and data leakage over external hard drives. The serious consequences of these incidents have forced business and personal users to keep improving traditional security measures and trying to find a good method to encrypt external hard drive for important information.
  • When you use USB Security to password protect your portable storage devices, you'd better set a password hint to help you to remember, and of course, the password itself should be easy to remember for you but hard to know for other people.