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How to Password Protect USB Flash Drives on Windows?

USB drive is portable and convenient which make it an essential storage media in recent years. Yet you may also realize that there are many factors that jeopardize your data stored in a USB drive, so you need password protect USB drive to help you to stop any unauthorized access to your USB disk

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Step 1: Run USB Security and select a drive

Run “USBSecurity.exe “, and then select the drive disk you want to password protect.

Notice: please make sure you've plugged you USB flash drive in to a PC before you run the program. usb security

Step 2: Set password to protect your drive

Open your disk and run “USBSecurity.exe”, enter your password in the pop-up window and then confirm it.

Next, you can set a “password hint” for your password to help you to retrieve your password when you forget it the next time.

When finished the above operation, you can click on “Protect” button to finish password protection.

set password

Kindly Tips

  • • Kakasoft USB Security is one of the excellent data security software KakaSoft produced to password protect USB flash drives and all other portable devices. You can protect USB with password and all types of personal and business information in it without any headache of privacy breach even if you have lost your USB drive.
  • Sharing USB with others is one of the root causes which make your USB security at risk. When you sharing a USB drive danger from malware might cause great threat to your privacy or secret. Be careful if you want to share data in your USB flash drives.
  • How to protect USB drive or other types of portable storage drive disks is considered to be the most secure and reliable way. Don't be hesitative any more, this is an urgent issue!
  • Kakasoft USB Security support password protection on all kinds of portable storage devices, such as USB flash drive, HDD hard drive, pen drive, thumb drive, memory stick, SD card, TF card and so on.