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How to Lock USB Flash Drive for Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows XP?

With the feature of small size and large capability, there is no doubt that USB flash drive is a good choice for transferring data from one computer to another.

However, this feature also causes their owners' headache: portability is prone to result in disk missing and stolen. The easiest and most direct way to guard data in a USB disk is to lock USB drives with a password.

Kakasoft USB security is user-friendly USB flash locker and even a computer novice can handle it. The theory to lock USB drives for USB Security is the most advanced 256-bit on-the-fly encryption technology. The following are the specific steps to lock USB flash drive with USB Security and how to unlock a USB disk.

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Step 1: Run the program and select a drive to protect

Plug your USB disk into a computer, Run the “USBSecurity.exe” program, and select a drive to lock, then install the program in the disk according to the wizard.

select drive

Step 2: Set password to lock USB drive

Open the target disk and run “USBSecurity.exe” program in the disk. Input your password and then re-enter it to confirm in the pop-up window.

Next, you can enter a password hint to remind you of password, so that you can retrieve it with the help of this hint.

Then click on “Protect” button to lock your USB flash drive.

lock usb file

How to unlock your USB flash drive?

To unlock a USB flash drive under the protection of USB Security is easy and simple.
Firstly, plug your USB disk into a computer, then open the disk, and run the “USBSecurity.exe” program in it. Enter your password in the prompt window.

Click on “Unprotected this drive” or “Open in virtual drive” according to your need.

Open in virtual drive: you can open your drive in virtual drive and then access your data, after you close the window protection will be recovered.

Unprotect this drive: when you close the window, protection will not be recovered, if you want to lock pen drive again you can copy the exe file to your drive and set password to encrypt pen drive once more.

unlock usb drive

In conclusion, USB Security performs excellently in locking USB drives in a windows system which is particularly compatible perfectly with Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows XP.

This is a completely green flash drive locker with incomparable secure features and just occupies little of your space in the disk. You can lock your USB flash drives or any other types of portable storage disks such as HDD Dardanelles disk, memory card, thumb stick, memory stick and so on. When your data are locked up by USB Security you can access to them without the limitation of time and place.

Furthermore, once you've locked a USB disk with it you can enjoy the protection of this USB locker the next time you plug in your disk and there is no need for you to reinstall it.