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How to Lock Thumb Drive with Password on Windows

USB flash drive disk especially thumb drive is widely used in our life for transporting and storing documents, images, audios and videos, etc.. so that you need to use thumb drive locker to password protect thumb drives from leakage and being stolen.

USB Security specializes in password protecting and locking thumb drives and other kinds of USB drive disks. Even if you lost your thumb drive by accident, you’ll never need to worry about leakage of your confidential files.

Click on the button below to download USB Security, and then encrypt your thumb drive. Here are 2 steps to finish thumb drive protection on Windows 7/Windows 8/XP.

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Step 1: Open the Program and Select a thumb drive to lock

Plug your thumb drive into a computer, then open “USBSecurity.exe” to select a drive and “install” it according to the guidance.

usb locker

Step 2: Set Password to Lock thumb drive 

Enter your password in the box and confirm it. You can set a password hint to remind you of password.

Click on “Protect” button then you’ve lock thumb drive successfully!

usb security


  • If you want to unlock your drive disk, plug your disk in a PC then open it, run “USBSecurity.exe” program in it. Then input your password to open the disk, here you can choose to open it in a virtual drive or open it completely, the former means you can recover protection as soon as you close the window, while the later allows you to unprotected the disk completely.
  • USB Security is a thumb drive protection software using the most advanced encryption technology to protect and lock thumb drive with good security strength.
  • When you unprotected thumb drive completely, you are also able to lock thumb drive and other types of USB drive disks by moving the "USBSecurity.exe" program to the drive you wish to lock and encrypt, then run it and you can protect your disk again.