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How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive For Windows

USB flash drives, one of the most convenient removable storage tools of modern society, play an important role in people’s life. Yet when putting sensitive data in a USB flash drive you have to consider about the USB encryption issues to stop leakage of valuable and confidential data and files.

Kakasoft USB Security is a type of professional and powerful USB encryption software designed exclusively for USB security problems. If you wish to encrypt a USB flash drive with USB Security, download the software here. Detailed steps about how to encrypt USB flash drive for windows 7/ windows 8 and windows XP are as below.

Step 1: Run the program and select a drive to encrypt

Plug in you USB drive disk to a computer and run program. Select a target drive disk in the drive list. Then click “Install” to finish installation.

encryt usb drive

Step 2: Set password to protect USB drive

Next, you can enter password and a” password hint” to help you remember your password when accessing to the disk.

Then click on “Protect” button to realize USB encryption of your USB drive disk.

choose a password

As long as you’ve finished the 2 simple steps about encrypting a USB flash drive with USB Security. Here are some tips about USB drive encryption which may save you a lot of trifle and make your USB more secure.


  1. Please use a password with the feature of easy to remember and hard to guess. If possible please change your password every a period of time to stop password leakage and secure your files and documents.
  2. Setting a password hint or your password so that you can retrieve your password if you accidentally forget it, especially when the files in the USB disk are valuable and confidential.
USB encryption in Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows XP may have minor difference in operation, you are welcome to inquire us on the official site if you have any confusion.