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FAQs of Kakasoft File Shredder

Why do we need file shredder software?

No matter if data has been deleted using a ‘Delete’ button, Shift –Del button, emptying the recycle bin or formatting the hard drive the data can still be recovered using any Data Recovery Software. Windows Operating System does not physically remove deleted files from your hard disk but the data remains there until the information is overwritten by a new file. Deleted file, which is not overwritten, can still be recovered.


In order to delete files permanently, you have to use file shredder software which helps you to shred files and folders from your Windows drive. It shreds the deleted data leaving no traces of sensitive/critical data.


Is it possible to recover files, once it is wiped using Disk Doctors File Shredder?

Once the files and folders has been wiped using File Shredder Software, it is highly impossible to restore them. The files will be deleted permanently as the software overwrites the data and the sectors holding deleted or normal data using standard or selected shred patterns.


Why do shredding system files not remove all the selected files?

Windows Operating System and many other applications that are open will be constantly using various system files. Since the files are in use and locked, they cannot be modified by other applications.


Why does the software take a long time to load the drives?

The reason being, software needs to scan the complete logical drives in order to build the hierarchical structure of files and folders. Scanning time depends on the amount of data on a logical drive. Once a tree has been formed, software will take much less time to load the tree on subsequent uses.


Why some-times it takes long to shred Recycle Bin?

Each hard disk contains a hidden folder named Recycled. This folder contains files deleted in Windows Explorer or My Computer, or in Windows- based programs. Files deleted from compliant programs are moved to the Recycled folder on the drive from which they are deleted. Double-clicking the Recycle Bin icon displays the folder listing of deleted files available for restoration.

When you select Recycler folder for shredding, the windows operating system might take a while to complete, depending on the system configuration. This is usually caused by an unusually large amount of files in the root of the recycle bin. In order to list the paths of the files to be shredded, a lot of processing power is required by the File shredder.


Can I Shred logical drives using your software?

No, File Shredder is designed to shred files and folders inside a logical drive. It shreds the files in a systematic way, so that shredding process would not affect the file system of the logical drive.


What all Operating Systems supported by File Shredder?

File Shredder supports Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista/7.