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How to uninstall USB Security?

For security reason, USB Security can only be uninstalled from the unprotection window. You are required to enter the correct password before you can uninstall it.


1. Run "USBSecurity.exe" in your protected USB disk, then enter your password in the box. Here, if you forget the password when inputting it, you can click on “Forget Password?” option to retrieve your password, so that please don’t forget to set a password hint when setting a password , and it may des you a great help in a occasion like this.

2. Click on the "Unprotected this drive" button to open the disk. (see the image as below)

USB Security  


3. Now your USB disk is unprotected completely, in the following window just navigate to "Uninstall" button, by clicking on it the program will be uninstalled from your USB drive. (image as below)


4. If you want to reprotect this drive, Click "Reprotect" button and enter your password again.

Kindly tips: if you keep your confidential files or data in a USB disk and lock up the disk with USB Security please notice that unprotected your disk completely and expose all the files in the danger of being breached. With this extremely easy-to-use program you can ensure data security in a USB disk without the limitation of time and space, it is quite important that do not tell an unreliable individual your password what’s more to protect you sensitive files you’d better change your password every now and then to wipe out the risk of data leaking or losing.