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How to Achieve WMV Protection in USB Drives

Wmv is a video compression format for several proprietary codecs developed by Microsoft and it applies to many fields such as daily home data storage, family entertainment, office use and so on. Wmv soon won popularity with its small volume which makes it easy to be transmitted on the Internet ever since its invention. If you store business data or private information in wmv, especially when you carry these data in a USB drive disk, you’d better employ some measures to safeguard your data.

As one of the video formats wmv transports data in both picture and sound, if you wish to ensure security of wmv in your USB drive you’d better block any possible access from unauthorized user.

USB Security is a unique and exclusive software for data security problems on wmv protection and wmv encryption. Apart from protect wmv, USB Security also supports protection and encryption of all other media files on all types of portable USB drive disks.

Get a free trial version of USB Security here and encrypt wmv by the following steps:

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Step 1 Run USB Security

If you want to protect wmv in your USB drive, please plug your USB disk or other devices into a computer with Windows 7/ Windows8/XP OS. Next, double click on “USBsecurity.exe” to run it and select a drive to install the program.

Step 2 Enter Password and Realize Protection

As you’ve install the program on your USB drive, open the disk and then run “USBsecurity.exe” in it, in the appeared window enter your password and then confirm it.

Next, you can enter a password hint for your wmv protection, this will do you a great help when you forget your password the next time when you want to access data in the USB drive disk.

Then click on “Protect” to complete your wmv encryption.


  • USB Security is an easy-to-use green software which allows you protect wmv in two simple steps so that even you are a novice for computer you can handle it with the explicit user guide.
  • If you worry about forgetting your password you can set a password hint to help you remember password, please notice that do not tell other people your password or you may suffer from data losing.
  • If you want to unprotected the disk and access data in it, run “USBsecurity.exe” program in the disk and enter your password, then you can unprotect your USB drive.
  • Your password for wmv encryption is better contains both letters and number, this ensures you good security strength for the password itself.

Sounds good?

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