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How to Protect Photo in USB Drives on Windows 7/ Windows 8/XP?

People incline to store personal photos in their computer and at the mean time these photos contain large amount of private information. With the popularity of all kinds of digital products and other smart devices now people can take photos anytime in any place just with a mobile phone or digital camera. If you place your photos in a USB mobile device and do not want other people view them you’d better encrypt photos with password so that unauthorized user will fail to snoop your photos.

Photo file is also good carrier for confidential business materials, further more the availability of printer allows people carry any important office document in USB drive disks and access to them conveniently. To ensure photo protection in USB drive disks and prevent data leakage and breach you can use USB Security.

USB Security is an exclusive USB data security software and solution to encrypt photo and other media files in any types of USB devices.

Get a free version of USB Security here and protect photo on Windows 7/ Windows 8/XP:

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Step 1 Install USB Security

Firstly, you need to plug your USB drive into a PC withal your photos in it.

Then run the exe program you’ve got, and select a drive to install USB Security in your drive disk according to the guide.

Step 2 Enter Password and Protect USB Disk

After your installation of the program, in the following window you can enter your password and then re-enter it to confirm. Or you can open your disk and then run “USBSecurity.exe” and then enter your password.

Next, you can choose to enter a password hint to remind you of your password, this step is necessary for people who may forget the password.

Then finish photo encryption on Windows 7/ Windows 8/XP by clicking on “Protect” in the window.


  • If you wish to unprotect photo in your USB drive, plug USB disk into a PC and then double click on “USBSecurity.exe” program in it, enter password in the popped up window and then select an open mode for your photo. Yu can open it in virtual drive or open it completely according to your need.
  • Once you protected photos with USB Security, when you open the disk you will find all the files in the disk are hidden and invisible which make sure your data is secure and even you lose the disk you never need to worry about data losing and leaking.
  • USB Security is an easy-to-use and green software which means any people can handle it without any difficulty, and when you wish to access protected photos just run the exe program in your disk and enter password.
  • There is no need for you to install it again once you protected your USB drive with USB Security which allows you access photo protection and photo encryption beyond limitation of time and place.
  • USB Security supports photo protection on all kinds of USB storage devices, such as USB flash drive, pen drive, thumb drive, HDD hard drive, SD card, TF card and so on.

Sounds good?

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