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How to realize MP4 protection of USB drive on Windows

The popularity of all kinds of portable media players, saying MP3 player, MP4 player, smart phone, tablet, laptop etc., makes MP4 widely used in all walks of life. For example MP4 contains information for medical and business use is confidential and needs special protection. If you keep your MP4 media files in a USB flash drive and leave them open and unprotected is unwise. MP4 and other documents in the USB disk need protection.

You may notice that USB storage devices are small in size and can store a large number of data, once you lose the disk accidentally you will suffer irrevocable lose. It is high time for you to protect MP4 in your USB flash drive.
USB Security specializes in MP4 encryption and protection of other media file on USB drive disk. This is a green software which allows you to encrypt MP4 video files in your USB drives with exclusive password.
Download USB Security here and learn to protect MP4 in USB drive in detail:

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Step 1 Install USB Security on your USB Drive

First of all, please plug your USB drive disk in to a computer with Windows 7/Windows 8/XP operation system.

To start to encrypt MP4 video, you are required to open the program and then select a drive to install it to your USB disk according to the Setup Wizard.

Step 2 Enter Password and Password Hint

After installation, in the popped up window you can enter your password and then confirm it.

Next, if necessary enter a password hint to help you retrieve your password when you forget it.

Step 3 Protect MP4

After you enter your password to protect MP4, you can click on “Protect” button on the window to finish MP4 encryption.

Step 4 Unprotected Your Drive

If you wish to unprotect your USB drive, open your disk and then run the “USBSecurity.exe”, enter your password in the following window, then open it in virtual drive or unprotect the disk completely.

Open in virtual drive: Access MP4 in the drive and when you close the operation window you will gain protection automatically again.  

Unprotect this drive: Unprotect this drive completely, if you wish to encrypt MP4 again, you can open the exe program in the disk and then enter a new password to protect your MP4 again.

Kindly Tips:

  • USB Security can password protect MP4 as well as other main media formats, which means this program can safeguard your media file in the USB drive disk effectively beyond the limitation of formats.
  • After you realize MP4 encryption, open the disk you will find there is nothing else in your disk but “USBSecurity.exe”. Your files are hidden and protected and only the right password can let you access to them.
  • If necessary you can set a password to help you to remember your password.
USB Security uses the most advanced 256-bit on-the-fly AES encryption techniques which offers you the most robust protection and prevents your data from being misused and leaking.

Sounds good?

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