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How to Encrypt Image in Your USB Drives on Windows 7/ Windows 8/XP

The popularity of mobile and portable USB storage devices makes data transmission and transportation from one computer to another easier and faster. Images contain lots of information nowadays and they’ve already become a part of people’s life. When you store valuable or confidential images in your USB drive disk you have to watch out for data breach or data leaking from potential cyber criminals.

It is not hard to imagine the consequence you will suffer after your important files and images in the USB drive are stolen or illegally distributed, so that keeping important Images open and unprotected is unwise. USB Security is a unique image lock for protecting Images and other media files in portable USB storage drives from unauthorized access. It adopts the most advanced encryption technology to protect image and encrypt image, what’s more allows you to enjoy overall and constant protection once you’ve installed the program.

Click on the download button below and learn to encrypted image with USB Security step by step:

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Step 1 Install USB Security on Your USB Disk

If you wish to protect images in your USB disk, firstly you need to connect you USB disk to a computer with Windows 7/ Windows 8/XP system. Then run “USBSecurity.exe” program and select a drive to install it.

Step 2 Input Password and Protect Image

Open your USB drive and run “USBSecurity.exe” program in it, in the prompted window enter your password and confirm it.

Next, in the third blank box you can enter password hint to help you remember your password if necessary.

And then navigate to “Protect” to encrypted images n your USB drive.

Kindly Tips:

  • If you wish to access to images in your USB drive, you need to plug it into a computer and then run “USBSecurity.exe” in it, enter your password in the following window and then choose a open mode, open it in virtual drive or open it completely, o access your images.
  • USB Security is a green and easy to use software and it can be handled by any people even the computer novice.
  • Do not delete or move “USBSecurity.exe” in your protected disk, or you will fail to open your disk and suffer from data losing.
  • Protected images in the USB drive are hidden and invisible to anyone who opens the disk, and the only way to access data in the disk is run the exe program with the correct password. 
  • USB Security is a powerful image encryption software which prevents and stops any illegal action to the files in the disk, what’s more it blocks detection and compiling from unauthorized user.

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