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How to Protect Flv in USB Drive Disks on Windows 7/ Windows8/XP?

Flv soon took off ever since it has been put into use. Recently flv is a video format which is adopted by the most of the new generation of video sharing websites with the fastest pace of growth. As the first choice for online video sharing file flv is used widely in all walks of life. Business secrets and individual privacy in flv video need protection when there are so many potential dangers on the Internet.

The popularity of video sharing sites offers you good chance to display your featured videos, while attention should be paid on the flv files before you upload them. USB Security is a specially designed software to protect flv video and other media files on any USB drive disk. It allows you stop illegal access and distribution of your flv on the USB drives by the using of cryptography.

To protect flv in your USB drive disk, download USB Security here and learn to encrypt flv by following the steps below:

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Step 1 Plug in Your USB Drive

Get a computer with Windows 7/ Windows8/XP operation system, then plug the USB drive with flv files into the PC.

Step 2 Install USB Security on Your USB Drive

Open your USB drive disk, next, run “USBSecurity.exe” and select a drive you wish to protect in the list, and then install it to your USB drive by following the Setup Wizard.

Step 3 Input Password and Encrypt Flv

To encrypt flv files in USB drives, open the disk double click on “USBSecurity.exe ” file in it, then you are required to enter password in the following window, then re-enter password to conform it.

If necessary you can input a password hint to help you remember your password in the blank area.

Next, click on “Protect” button to protect flv and other media files in your USB drive disk.

Step 4 Unprotect USB Drive and Access Flv

If you wish to access encrypted flv in your USB drive disk, you need to open and run “USBSecurity.exe” in it.

Enter password in the blank box and then choose a a mode to open the disk:
Open in virtual drive: allow you access your flv and other files in virtual drive, and recover protection as soon as you close the window.

Unprotect this drive: unprotected this drive completely, when you close the window protection will not recover, if you want to encrypt flv again you need to run the exe file in the disk and enter password again.

Kindly tips:

  • USB Security is an easy-to-use and user-friendly software, it enables any user to encrypt flv in any USB drive disk in just 2 steps.
  • If you forget or lose your password accidentally, you can retrieve your password via password hint.
  • This program hide all of your files in the USB drive disk and make them invisible, and the only way to access then is open the exe program in the disk and then run it with the correct password.
  • USB Security adopts the most advanced 256-bit AES encryption technology to prevent illegal access to your data in the USB drive and possible data breach and data leaking.
  • To ensure flv protection effectively you can put your USB drives in safe place where is without the reach of children and bad guys.

Sounds good?

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