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How to Ensure USB AVI Protection on Windows 7/Windows 8/XP?

Ever since Microsoft introduced a multimedia container format named avi in 1992 as part as its Video for Windows technology it began to take off. Although avi fails to meet the need of people who has a higher standard for video quality, it still plays a important role in people’s entertainment and working life.

USB flash drive is the most widely used way to transmit and transport media files from one computer to another. If you carry avi with USB drive you’d better find a reliable way to ensure data security as there are so many potential threats on the Internet. USB Security is a specially designed program which can encrypt avi on all kinds of portable USB storage devices and help you prevent any unauthorized access to avi and other media files in the USB disk.

USB Security is a avi lock specialize in password protecting your USB drive disk, get a free trial program below and learn to ensure avi protection step by step:

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Step1   Install USB Security on Your USB Drive

To begin to encrypt avi video on your USB drive, you need to plug your drive disk in to a PC, then run USB Security software and install it to your drive by following the explicit Setup Wizard.

Step 2 Input Password and Encrypt Avi

Open your disk, run “USBSecurity.exe” in it.
Enter your password to encrypt avi and then confirm your password. Next, enter a password hint in the following blank box, this hint allows you retrieve your password when you forget it.

After finish al above, click on “Protect” button to complete avi encryption and avi protection.


  • USB Security supports avi protection as well as all other kinds of media encryption on any types of potable USB storage drive disks, such as USB flash drive, pen drive, thumb drive, memory stick, SD card, TF card and so on.
  • When choosing a password please make sure your password is easy to remember and hard to guess which will save you a lot a trouble when you want to encrypt avi. Or you can refer to a password hint to help you memorize your password.
  • After you encrypt avi with USB Security when you open your drive disk on a computer with Windows 7/Windows 8/XP OS you will find all the encrypted avi are invisible and hidden from the eye of any user. If you want to access to your avi you need to run the exe program in it.   
  • USB Security is 100% green software with on plug-ins, and you can encrypt any drive disk by copying the exe program to the USB drive and then run it.
  • Any third party software is only a tool to gain point to your avi protection, so that if you want to ensure protection you need to be cautious in details and turn daily protection into habits.

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