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How to Encrypt Server Folder Data?

The world is flat for the rapid development of the society. When the science and technology present us a totally-opened world, we should mind the security of our data, because a forgotten share can provide a convenient back door, while an overlooked port can be an attacker's front door.

What makes a Window/Web server secure? One of the effective ways is to encrypt server. Kakasoft Shared Folder Protector is a type of useful and portable software which can enable you to avoid the leakage and data losing by server encryption.

If you want to encrypt Window/Web Server now, download the software here, and follow the steps below.

Free Download (3.7M)

Step 1.Run the Program

Run the Kakasoft Shared Folder Protector, and then open the main application wizard. Click “Add Folder” to choose the target folder or you can directly drag the folder into the table as below.

run kakasoft shared folder protector

Step 2.Customize the Permission Settings

Click the Permission Settings, then you can customize the users right.
Read Access: the user can open the files in folder, but cannot copy or delete them.
Write Access: the user can only open and save the files in folder, but cannot copy or delete them.
Custom Access: when you choose it, a variety of users permissions can be composed as you like. The user has full access to the files in folder without any limit when choosing “Full Access Permission”.

permission settings

Step 3 .Click "Options" Tab for More Password Sharing Folder Settings

Click” Options” to set security strength.

Normal: you can lock files in large volume in the fastest speed.
High: you can lock files in medium size in fast speed.
Highest: when the files are small in size, you can lock them with top secret, while it will take you more time.


more settings

Click “Custom Access”, here you assign 15 kinds of access permission to different users according to your need.

Step 4 .Encrypt the Folder

Now Click "Encrypt Now", input Administrator password, then click on “Protect” to finish the encryption.

Note: The password can only be set as "123456" for the trial version.


encrypt shared folder


  • Kakasoft Shared Folder Protector enables you to password protect server shared files with your valuable data and materials in it from peeping and stealing. What's more, this program can not only encrypt Web/Window Server but also configure access permissions for different users. There are 15 kinds of permissions that you can combine as you need.
  • Once installed the application on one computer in the user group, the whole network will be under the protection of this program.
  • Kakasoft Shared Folder Protector allows you to lock your data of the folder quickly without much complicated operations, and support folder protection on portable storage devices.
With this extremely easy to use program to password protect folder on LAN server, you will never need to worry about data breach and data leakage from the online and offline threats and you can resist all attacks with full confidence now.