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How to Encrypt Files on Windows 7/8/XP?

Nowadays almost every individual or group is now spending time and money on the issue of data leakage or data theft which will strongly influence personal or company's finance and reputation. If you intend to store confidential or private data or information in your PC or laptop, you must install the file encryption software to protect the data in it being stolen.

Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption is a type of software which can effectively encrypt files on Windows 7/8/XP etc. as well as external drives. If you want to know how to encrypt files on PC or laptop, please follow the steps.

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Step 1: Install the application and launch it

  1. Download the program and install it in your PC.

    Step 2: Add folders to the encryption list

    Drag the file you want to encrypt into the blank area of the main window or you can add the files by clicking "Encrypt File" and choose the target file.

    1. add folders
    2. Step 3: Set Password to Encrypt Folders/Files

      1. After you successfully add the file, input the password in the pop-up window of "Encryption", and click "Encrypt" to finish.

      lock folders

  2. To prevent your folder from being peeped and breached, you have three security levels to choose from.
  • Normal: can encrypt files in large volume with the fastest speed. Suitable for new users and people without much extreme requirement in folder encryption.
  • High: good for encrypting files in medium size and medium speed. Designed for users with strict security requirements.
  • Highest: excellent for encrypting files in small size with top confidential information. Slow but with the best security strength.
  • encrypt folders
  • Choose a display mode for the encrypted folders.

Local: the folder will display on the original directory with an encrypted mark on it, and can be viewed by any PC user.

Hidden: encrypted folders are only be viewed and accessed in the main window of the program and other people cannot see it any more in the original directory.

Kindly Tips:

  • If you operate a company or you always store company's confidential information or your personal data in computer, you should be aware of the potential treats in your computer that will lead to data leakage and data loss. You must have been heard such kind of matters about data breach and data hack, according the experts, your best line of defense against these problems is file encryption. Advanced Folder Encryption applies 256-bit AES encryption to secure files in computer, which is deemed impossible to crack according to experts.
  • Encrypt files and folders in PC or laptop was seldom considered by almost people before the occurrence and reoccurrence of data leakage and data theft. This software is specially designed to lock folder and file in your computer. Its user friendly interface is very attractive and catchy.