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How to Shred Files?

The Shred Files feature in Advanced Folder Encryption enables you to shred and securely delete important or explicit material from your computer to prevent recoverability of your data. Shred Files also permanently empties hard drive space to be sure that your previously deleted files are completely irrecoverable. With Shred Files, you can shred your files, folders, and drives.


Information security research has shown the critical vulnerability of empty hard disk spaces. With Shred Files, you can rest assured that no file recovery software can either undelete or recover shredded files, an added advantage over simple delete offered in Windows. 'Shred Files' permanently removes your files, folder, and drives based on the U.S Department of Defense specified secure deletion protocols.


Here’s a quick how to on how you to shred files in your hard drive easily:


    1.Launch File Shredder by clicking on the icon on the main window.

File Shredder


  1. To shred specific files/folders, Click Add Files/Add Folder , and then choose the files/folders that need to be shredded.
  2. 2. Click Start . Then all the files will be shredded.

    3. Shred files within IE

    Alternatively, you can shred files/folders within Windows Explorer itself by right clicking and choosing "Shred Files"

    Right Click to Shred Files


Hope you found this how to on shredding files on your hard drive helpful. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact us.